Why Lawn Aeration is Important for Your Yard in the Atlanta, GA, Area

Lawn Aeration Atlanta GA

Lawn aeration will help keep the grass on your property in the Atlanta, Georgia, area looking green and beautiful throughout the year. When soil gets compacted, it prevents grass from getting the nutrients it needs to be healthy and look vibrant, so it’s important you ensure the soil on your property is in a state that promotes a healthy lawn..

Oftentimes, the condition of soil is overlooked and bugs, overwatering, or extreme temperatures are wrongly blamed for the declining health of lawns. To keep the soil on your property in a state that will allow your lawn to thrive, turn to Unlimited Lawn Care. The expert lawn aeration services we offer to property owners in the Atlanta, GA, area will help keep your soil and grass healthy throughout the year.

When you hire our skilled specialists to perform lawn aeration services on your property, you can expect them to restore your lawn’s access to vital nutrients as well as stimulate new root growth. Additionally, we can provide our standard lawn care services, which include controlling weeds, removing unwanted foliage, applying fertilizers and bionutrients, and adding limestone supplements to your soil to balance its pH. These efforts will help keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful throughout the seasons.

For more information about the lawn aeration services we offer, contact Unlimited Lawn Care today. One of our knowledgeable associates is available to answer any questions you have and can tell you in detail about the excellent lawn care services we offer to property owners in the Atlanta, GA, area.